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The Gaydio network broadcasts to a potential radio audience of over ten million people, on six different transmitters – with three distinct outputs. London (and associated DAB transmitters with no FM sister service – referred to internally as ‘the network’ or ‘NET’), Manchester and Brighton.

88.4 FM in Manchester and the Manchester DAB signal reaches a potential 1.2 million people.

London DAB covers about 9m people. As well as the capital, the signal stretches from Reading to Southend, and from Cambridge to Crawley.

Brighton’s FM service on 97.8 FM and matching DAB coverage can be heard by up to 350,000 people.

We also have a further four DAB transmitters that mirror the London (UK) service in cities around the UK.

Our research suggests we reach half a million of this potential audience every week. As a comparison, that’s four times the circulation of GayTimes.

Gaydio was formed from the merger of two distinct services and brands: Gaydio in Manchester and GaydarRadio in London. Gaydar Radio started life as an internet radio station, streaming on what was the world’s leading gay dating site in 2001. It took over the DAB station Purple Radio in 2002, and by 2004, was available on two digital licence areas in London and the Sussex Coast.

Gaydio arrived in Manchester in 2006 with the first of four RSL temporary broadcasts. It was awarded a full-time community licence for the city in 2008 and went on air on 18 June 2010.

In late 2012, Gaydar decided to focus on its core dating business, and it was agreed that the DAB licences and streaming online at Gaydar’s websites should be transferred to Gaydio. The new larger station is called Gaydio, and is based in Manchester.

In 2015, Gaydio applied for a Brighton FM license to create a similar service to the one that existed in Manchester, sharing some content with the wider Gaydio network. Gaydio Brighton launched in 2018.

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