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We’re a multi-award winning online radio station and arts organisation working with local creatives, DJs and young people to develop and showcase new work via our online platforms. This large, active community works together to create all the content on Reform Radio, supported by regular outside broadcasts within the city, as well as specially recorded shows from artists across the globe.

We’ve been repeatedly recognised by MixCloud as one of the top five radio stations in Europe at their Online Radio Awards. In 2019 we won Gold for Best Business Partnership alongside Allied London at the Manchester Culture Awards, a culmination of five years work to ensure the cultural democracy of new city centre development Enterprise City.

Reform Radio is more than just an online station. We’re a revolutionary not-for-profit that uses the engagement of radio to work with and develop new skills in young people struggling to find employment. Our radio community supports the wider community; and so it goes around. We’re dedicated to not only developing people for sustained employment but also for developing the next generation of creatives for both the radio and artistic industries. We’re also innovators in new content and forms of collaboration and are always keen to test out new ideas across our platforms.

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