Sales Director

This job posting expired and applications are no longer accepted.
Bauer Media
December 9, 2021
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Job Introduction

Our Team

The team in Swansea are unique; the commercial team in-particular consists of a highly experienced, confident people.

As a standalone brand within Bauer Media Group we have the ability to act on great ideas creating exciting fresh commercial opportunities and benefit from the resource, support and expertise from the wider Bauer Audio business.  This is an exciting place to be.

In recent years, The Wave and GHR South Wales has become a very agile business.  We are successfully navigating the challenging commercial pressures resulting from Covid-19 and are on course to emerge in great shape to embrace an exciting future.

The Focus of Your Role

The Sales Director will embody Bauer Media’s values and drive Bauer’s company strategy and goals into the commercial business to a high quality and to desired timelines.

You will be passionate and driven in creating a vibrant, motivated and supported culture for our people to work in whilst driving love and loyalty for our brands.

You will be a supportive and effective leader for the commercial team and enable and engage the team to deliver challenging business objectives

You will provide a focussed balance between performance, accountability and reward



This role is based in the South Wales postcode area and you will be leading the team to promote the wider Bauer portfolio to businesses located in the region.


Key Stakeholders:

Station Director, Regional Commercial Director, Director of Strategic Delivery, Director of Commercial Operations. Chief Revenue Officer

Main Responsibilities

Business planning and management

  • Input into sales strategy and holds responsibility for the implementation and delivery.
  • Communicate goals and benefits of strategic direction to local sales team.
  • Develop strong buy in and understanding of the strategic goals and key deliverables and the role everyone must play.
  • Implement and adheres to pricing policy and contractual agreements.
  • Ensure rates, proposition and packages are communicated, adhered to and implemented.
  • Manage territories, complete quarterly audits and assign resource accordingly.
  • Understand peaks in demand and plans for accordingly.
  • Identify geographical or local differences and builds solutions.
  • Implement robust working practices and processes within the station and ensures these are imbedded.


Customer focus

  • Ensure team focuses on driving value for the customer by understanding their needs and what is important to them.
  • Support the team in developing and implementing a solution orientated sales approach.
  • Maintain a detailed knowledge of the customer base, geography, seasonal trends and buying habits.
  • Develop excellent relationships with our customers.
  • Implement quarterly meetings with all Champion accounts, you will win hearts and minds and educate on Bauer benefits.
  • Provide industry, product and category specific knowledge through market data and tools and provided.
  • Resolve customer queries and complaints in line with Bauer policies.
  • Manage customer retention/ Acquisition focus/ Customer relationship management.
  • Manage pricing, discounts and churn.
  • Focus on cost to serve aligned to account management by the correct roles and frequency of touch.
  • Understand and mitigates any concerns by overcoming these with solutions.
  • Provide regular feedback and reports on progress.


Sales focus

  • Drive standardisation of territory management best practice across the business.
  • Transfer ideas, knowledge and skills into profitable and measured activity.
  • Sales people management - Achievement of sales targets, productivity, KPI deliverables and customer management.
  • Develop consistent working practices and sales team behaviours within CRM.
  • Use CRM to gain insight into what performance issues need attention and then impact this for positive results.
  • Schedule and manages sales incentives and sales events when required.
  • Liaise with training team to define gaps.
  • Deliver feedback, shares best practice, suggests training needs etc and challenges as appropriate.
  • Establish and maintains an active involvement with all relevant business associations
  • Build solid professional relationships underpinned with clear developmental plans to close any skill and knowledge gaps.
  • Understand customer segmentation: - Value, number of accounts, touch points required etc and create plan to influence these positively.


People focus

  • Drive the implementation of strategic goals in relation to people and proposition for Bauer Media into local business units with a focus upon Revenue, Quality, Process and Cost.
  • Responsible for the delivery, through your team, of our fair share of advertising in line with our overarching share and network strategy.
  • Ensure we optimise our performance and inventory through selling the right channel at the right price in the right shape
  • As an integral stakeholder within the business communities you serve you will be responsible for engaging with and developing our key accounts and public sector representatives. This will include onboarding these business communities with our strategic vision and troubleshooting any issues and concerns.
  • You must be able to deliver information efficiently and accurately to the right people, at the right time, using the right medium. They will have genuine empathy for others and maximise impact through understanding the motivations of the team and adapt communication style accordingly.

Person Specification

  • The sales director must have working experience in a sales position within a fast-paced and dynamic business environment, preferably working in the position of a Sales Manager or Director


  • The candidate must also have a proven and successful ability to lead a group of sales people towards growth in enhanced sales volumes and enhanced revenue generation, while displaying exceptional leadership skills and confidence.


  • A suitable candidate will also have had experience evaluating product/market situations and analysing raw data and information, transforming it into actionable sales strategies and approaches.


  • Communication Skills: The sales director must possess exceptional communication skills that are especially important in enabling effective communication between internal and external partners. The performance of the sales team will also be highly dependent on the clarity of communication of information and instructions from the sales director, making these skills a must have for the position. Communication skills are also necessary for the sales director when it comes to drafting reports and making presentations to team members, customers, senior sales management and stakeholders. They must be able to tailor messages in relation to the audience at hand and to present even the most complex messages in clear, simple, digestible, and convincing terms. These skills must be excellent in both written and verbal form.


  • Technological: The sales director must demonstrate high proficiency in technological systems and programs and an ability to learn and adapt quickly when necessary. Ideally proficient within Ms office, you will have skills in creating both visually and verbally engaging reports and presentations for the senior sales management, sales teams and external customers and relevant stakeholders.


  • Analytical Skills: The sales director must also have a keen interest in conducting research and data-driven insights. The candidate will have an in-depth knowledge of the business’s product range as well as standard strategic, analytical, and marketing concepts. A suitable candidate for this position will also have a deep understanding of the business’s marketplace models as well as the opportunities and limitations that come along with it.


  • Interpersonal Skills: The sales director will possess certain interpersonal skills that will encourage openness and trust both internally and externally. They will be self-motivated, have a strong entrepreneurial spirit, be adaptable to business growth fluctuations, work comfortably and effortlessly in group settings, be a persuasive and charismatic individual, thrive in a fast-paced environment, and work well within a pressured deadline environment. The sales director will also demonstrate the ability to remain calm under pressure and during uncertainty, inspiring the same in their team.


  • Leadership/People Skills: The sales director needs to demonstrate exceptional leadership skills, portraying an ability to move and inspire a large group in a unified direction and vision. Being a representative of the business, they must also be approachable and able to form strong and long-lasting relationships both internally and externally on behalf of the business.


  • Training and Coaching: The sales director needs to demonstrate great training and coaching skills. They need to be able undertake training analysis within their team and translate the findings into training or coaching sessions that have clear objectives and measurable outcomes.