Senior Audio Technician

This job posting expired and applications are no longer accepted.
Radio Maria England
July 12, 2021
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Radio Maria England is a 24 hour Catholic Radio Station. It is part of the World Family of Radio Maria, which currently has 77 radio stations across 5 continents with 500 million listeners worldwide. We are currently looking for an excellent Audio Technician to supervise our radio and audio technical infrastructure and activities. Our ideal candidate would have had several years of experience working with audio and frequency equipment at a technical level, with a radio or television station. They should have a good appreciation of sound quality and be prepared to tackle breakdowns hands-on. Membership of a professional body could be an advantage.

Please email with your CV and interest.


1. Ensuring the perfect working of all audio-frequency & IT equipment for broadcast.

2. Providing ongoing training for staff and volunteers regarding the use of equipment and broadcast techniques.

3. In charge of recorded and broadcasted audio quality.

Main Duties:

1. Constant quality checks of the broadcasted audio signal.

2. Verifying the technical (audio) quality of live and recorded programs.

3. Offering assistance and support to staff, volunteers and guests for external and studio broadcasting.

4. Verifying the programming and scheduling technical quality of the radio automation software.

5. Carrying out and assisting audio recordings.

6. Editing recorded audio materials and work in post-production.

7. Frequent maintenance of the software and hardware automation system and audio equipment.

8. Managing the audio streaming encoding PC for internet streaming and the logger PC for continual recording.

9. Creating audio archives and documents on office computers and updating these.

10. Administrating LAN networks of the automation system and offices.

11. Managing WAN networks (Firewall, ADSL, VSAT).

12. Assisting the staff in the use of the standard email addresses of the World Family of Radio Maria for communications and use of a standard one ( and/or

13. Setup and management of the office PC/Workstations and creating/configuring email addresses.

14. Managing materials in the studio, warehouse and mobile studios. (Inventory, reorder, repairs.)

15. Maintain the contacts with consultants and external suppliers. (Server management and office peripherals, internet access, management of the email server maintenance and the audio and IT equipment.)

16. Organising the formation and training, including preparing training materials, of the staff and volunteers working in the studio and in external broadcasting.

17. Updating the audio and data cable schemes of the studio wiring.

18. Manual dexterity in the operation of equipment which may require extended periods of time at a keyboard and screen. These tasks don’t have to be done by the engineer and can be delegated to other staff members or volunteers, with the right instruction and preparation, but the engineer remains in charge of them, even when executed by others.

Delegation and Supervision Duties

19. Any/eventual transfers for external links/hook-ups.

20. Creation of predefined playlists, logs and special events schedules, using the automation software.

21. Assisting and using of radio automation system during broadcasting.

22. Technical preparation of live programmes: set up of microphones, suggestions to guests/volunteers on how to speak, sound-checks.

23. Production of recorded programs.

24. Announcement of programs and/or prayers.

25. Production of MC and/or CD (burning and labelling).

26. Employing the audio-frequency equipment in the right way. (Mixer, CoDec/tel hybrids, audio processors, players/recorders.)

27. Managing and supporting the technical part for the fixed and mobile telephone system.

28. Administering the electrical and alarm/surveillance systems.

29. Supervising the thermo-technical systems (heating and air conditioning systems)

Application Deadline: 21/07/2021

Salary: £30,000.00-£32,000.00 per year

Please email with your CV and interest.