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The internet station has been running streams online through its interactive website for over two years  and featuring on many different digital apps across the globe and has already attracted lots of media attention from the radio industry while gaining hundreds of thousands of listeners along the way; keeping them informed on all the latest developments through its Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

Delux Radio station director David Wimble explains the origins behind what inspired him to create the new station: “ 1967 marked the 50th anniversary of both the introduction of the ‘Marine Offences Broadcasting Act’ and the launch of the BBC’s National Radio’s 1 & 2 stations.  Listening to those stations along with Capital Radio, and to some extent, Radio Luxembourg  through the golden years of the 70’s and 80’s I loved how the DJ’s were given the freedom to express their own unique personalities and to play a vast variety of music.  Jump forward to the present day and radio stations have changed beyond recognition and the personality DJ has all but gone with it. So as I collated music for my 50th Birthday party, I realised the wealth of fantastic tracks that I loved but would never hear on the radio. So when I started thinking about the format of the station I knew I wanted an open music policy, to hear an array of great music genres played by knowledgeable, entertaining DJs but bringing it bang up to date with interactive features and listener inclusion.”

David began working on the concept he approached ex Radio Luxembourg DJ Tony Prince for his advice and possible viability of such a station. After many discussions it became apparent that the two had very different ideas on what direction the station should be heading, with Prince eventually deciding to set up his own digital station with his ex Luxembourg colleagues.

David said: “I had known Tony for around 30 years through his DMC Company and suggested to him back in 2010 about the possibility of a DMC Online station, which at the time came to nothing. He knew of my involvement in the Cruise industry with the installation of my RadioWaves Media Company onboard some of the world’s leading cruise ships, so was keen to be involved with my new project. However, our opinions on how the station should sound differed widely. Tony was keen to rekindle the era of the 208 station with many of the DJs of the time, to go along with the dated PAMS jingles, were as I wanted a fresh sounding station with original imaging plus introducing new exciting talent who we hope to become the stars of the future to go along with the big name stars who shared our vision for the future of radio.”  As they say the listener stats speak for themselves, with Delux now having more than 2 million stream hits a month.

David added: “The station is a commercial venture and our partners at Radiowaves,  and the Marsh Media Group  have facilitated the opportunity to explore many different avenues for national recognition in gaining sponsorship, advertising and media attention.  With their expertise we are able to think outside the box, and introduce interactive features not seen on commercial stations before.  We already have good working relationships with national and international organisations that have all expressed interest in what we are aiming to achieve, and invite other businesses who would like to be involved with this new era of radio to get in touch.”

Marketing Director Sarah White explains the USP of DELUX RADIO and the benefits business gain from being involved from the very beginning, Sarah said: “Radio is the oldest of media platforms, with internet radio it allows your message to be delivered to a targeted and captive global audience, we predict our demographic will be 45+ and judging by the Facebook and website stats we have judged that right. By businesses coming onboard at this early stage, we can utilise special offers and promotions tailored to their requirements. We don’t claim to be reinventing the wheel, but our aim is to deliver something different to our audience and include them in everything we do. Giving listeners the opportunity to interact with the DJs, welcome their comments and to take part in online quizzes and games, winning some great prizes. Looking to the future, we have many inspiring ideas involving taking DELUX RADIO out on the road and sea!”

DELUX RADIO has attracted many famous names in radio and is delighted to include Ex Radio 1 Breakfast show jock Mark Page, ex Radio Caroline and BBC DJ Roger Twiggy Day, Rob Charles the radio DJ featured in the award winning ‘Peter Kay’s Car Share’ and ex BBC regional DJ and TV star Tippa Erie, along with surprise names that the station will be announcing at its launch. It will also feature many DJs who all have a genuine interest and knowledge of their particular music genre. David said:” We have a number of DJs that we are talking to who have shown fascination in the concept and admire what we are trying to do, and all have been hugely impressed with our new state of the art studios.”

With the popularity of smart phones, digital radio and other listening devices increasing all the time, the future of internet radio is already here and it’s only going to get bigger.

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