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Our story.
The station was created during the COVID-19 pandemic, to help the Greeks and meet the
needs of the world during this difficult period.
MGR My Greek Radio represents:
The station that serves the needs of the Greek citizen in the United Kingdom and around the
the world through radio.
The Greek radio station in the United Kingdom officially recognized.
The station that is licensed.
The station pays copyright to all composers and musicians around the world.
The station with a legal broadcast license.
The station that has a voice.
Your voice.
The station that is always next to you.
The Greek Voice of London
The voice of the Greeks is heard worldwide.
We started our effort in April 2020 by working on a trial and observing the requirements that
exist from a radio.
The requirements and needs were great and so we decided to operate officially from 1 June

We figured we would be widely known a year from now.
But our world has proved otherwise.
The Greeks believed in us and the great audience came too quickly in the space of a month.
From the very first month, the Facebook page seemed to be going up rapidly.
In the first month, we gained around 12 thousand visitors and so far, in August 2020, we have
gained about 22,500 followers on the official Facebook page and another 23,000 members
in the group of the MGR Facebook page.

The website of MGR My Greek Radio has shown great visitation from the very first moment
and this is because people there can watch what is happening inside our radio station.
The audience of the station began to show from the very first moment and the turnout of the
people was particularly evident.
The average listening time in the first month went from one minute to 17 o minutes of
listening from the average listener, which means that the visitor does not leave the radio
station easily until 17 minutes of musical journey pass.
In the third month, we spend the average for each listener is 31 minutes.
MGR My MGR Greek Radio is the Greek listener's station.
We are the station officially recognized by the Greek Embassy in London for the first time in
We are the station that was recognized in Greece by the Association of European Media
Editors as the only Greek radio in the United Kingdom.
It is the station that has producers in its assets through the Association of European Media
Editors. Update.
It's the station that brings all Greeks together.

It is the station where you can listen to your own Greek music and the latest hits of all Greek
It is the station that provides interviews of great artists and great people of art.
It is the station that DJ’s artists create for you and make the best musical moments.
It is the station that promotes and helps any musical event that takes place in Greece and
It's our station.
It's your station.
It's your radio.

Our goals over the next year

It is the station that can show its statistics in numbers,
It is the station that from zero audiences reached the first month to have more than10
thousand listeners.
It is the station that does not give fake numbers.
It is the station where every video clip with an artist hits the numbers in red.
It is the station where you make him be where he is today.
It is your station.

My Greek Radio is the web radio that you talk to on the web and it can be heard
The areas that follow usage:
United Kingdom
New York
Los Angeles
the Netherlands
the Nordic countries
even India
all the way to Africa. and many others...

Our facilities

The station provides a way to advertise the person concerned within the time
transmission of music broadcasts but also within specific broadcasts where there are
interviews with great artists are held every week.
The interested party can choose how he wishes to advertise on our station, presenting his
E.g. can be advertised in zones of the morning, noon, afternoon, and evening
It can be advertised during the weekdays and also on the weekend and
can choose how many times he wants to present to him daily and in which program area.
He can choose one of the advertisement packages that are similar in the way that suits him to advertise.
We provide all kinds αof payment, from transfer to a bank account, credit cards, payment by
phone, PayPal payment.
The advertiser can choose the ad language they want.
The two main languages we use are Greek and English.
The commercial can be spoken by a male announcer or a female announcer.
He can choose from a large library the music he wants or if he does not want a musical
investment, he can only be given the pronunciations.
MGR's big weapon, My Greek Radio is advertising through social media.
That’s where your ad becomes much more powerful using a unique way of promoting which
is to combine radio with Facebook or Instagram or many times YouTube.
The station has proven in this short time that it can deliver significant numbers to the
advertiser and his business.
For further information do not hesitate, ask.
MGR My Greek Radio is also the station which is a charity.
During the period of the pandemic, he helped economically people in need and could not
survive in Greece in collaboration with another radio station, The N La Famiglia..
Our presence is always evident to those who needed us.
In October 2020 we will hold a charity event in Athens
in which very well-known Greek Singers will participate and the proceeds will be donated to
the "Hope" Foundation of Marianna Vardinoyannis for the help of children “with cancer.

Our targets for the next year 2020-2021
Our original aim was achieved in the first three months, but of course, we do not stop here.
We built our website, we built our Facebook, we built the listening app on apple and google

play so you can listen to us at any time via the internet.
However, we intend to transfer our station to your car, providing you with the listening of the
radio through the Digital Audio Broadcast system.
This needs the consent of the Government and the help of all those who follow us.
The dream is big, but not impossible.
Our aim is also to transfer our radio station and studio to a larger space where it will be able
to allow radio producers to have direct contact with the public, singers, and advertisers...
Our aim is to create at two radio studios under the same location, but also with a beautiful
reception entrance decorated with Greek colors for you.

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