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This job posting expired and applications are no longer accepted.
Beyond Radio
December 6, 2021
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We are currently seeking the support of a freelance journalist to support the station's local news output.  We have detailed the role and our expectations for the providers of such services below.  If you think you may be suitable to provide such services, we'd love to hear from you!  You'll find the initial application form at the bottom of this page.

What do we need? 
The role of the freelance journalist will be to provide Beyond Radio with a locally focussed news service, providing written content for use on the station’s website (including mobile app) and social media channels, with the addition of broadcast ready scripts based on those pieces and a weekly on-air feature to summarise local news or items of interest

The service is being procured to provide super-local content, focussed on events happening across our broadcast district.

In order to be successful, local news will need to be self-sourced (with the inclusion of content directed at the station by external parties) and should focus on content relevant to our audience, delivered with humility and without bias.  Beyond Radio should be seen as a reliable source of local news and information. This service will act as the foundational basis for the station’s local news content.

The service provider should become the recognised face of the station’s local news service and, as such, will need to be visible and, within reason, able to attend local news incidents, events and opportunities to represent the station in this capacity.  The station recognises however, that the provider may work remotely from a location of the provider’s choosing when appropriate to do so.

Specific requirements: 

  1. The service provider should be able to demonstrate recognisable journalistic experience, whether by evidencing ‘on-the-job’ experience, recognised qualifications or a combination of both.
  2. The service provider should be able to commit to the delivery of at least ten meaningful written news items per week (for use on the station’s website, mobile app and social media channels), as well as recording a weekly feature to be aired as part of the station’s weekly schedule.
  3. Written news items should also be duplicated into a broadcast script for use by station volunteers as part of day-to-day show content.  The method for sharing such content will be created by the station but may require management by the service provider.
  4. The service provider should be available to cover ad-hoc and exceptional news incidents, within reason, and therefore would preferably be expected to be local to the station’s broadcast catchment area.
  5. The service provider will act as a representative and ambassador for Beyond Radio and will therefore be expected to follow all station rules and guidelines.  This includes a station funded enhanced criminal history check (often known as a disclosure and barring, or DBS check).
  6. The service provider will be required to commit to a fixed fee for the provision of the service, agreed in advance and for the period of the service contract.  The station expects the service provider to commit approximately 24 hours per week to the station in the delivery of services, although the station does acknowledge that reasonable flexibility may be required and measurement of success will be outcome based (predominantly on the quality and reach of the output).
  7. The service provider will be responsible for all associated tax liabilities and will act as a freelance contractor to the station.  As such, the station does not impose any restrictions on the services providers commitments outside of the delivery of the required and agreed service to Beyond Radio.  The service provider will be responsible for proposing to the Beyond Radio Board suitable hours of service provision for discussion and agreement.

How we will chose a service provider:
The station invites applications from any interested parties.

The process for contract award will be as follows:

  1. Interested parties will be invited to submit an application to tender (an expression of interest) by completing a qualification questionnaire, published on the station website for a minimum of 7 days.  (The closing date for applications will be midnight on Tuesday 14th December 2021, the application form is below). 
  2. The station will review all submitted applications to tender received prior to the published closing date/time.  The station will down-select all parties that are able to meet the station’s requirements as set out in the qualification questionnaire.  We aim to inform applicants within 7 days of the initial application window closing.
  3. Service providers down-selected at this stage will be invited to submit a written proposal that will need to document the service provider’s proposed service to the station.  Applicants will be given 14 days to submit final proposals and may seek clarification from the station during this window.

The written proposal should outline/include:

  • What services will be provided in the event of a contract award with an outline of how the applicant will be able to provide such services.
  • An example written piece that may be related to any topic chosen by the applicant.  This written example may be a new piece or have been previously published, but must be the sole creative work of the applicant.
  • If the applicant has experience of broadcasting, a sample audio file
  • The total annual cost of the service proposed (based on a minimum twelve-month contract).
  • Any other terms and conditions that the applicant would wish to include in a contract for service with the station.

Proposals will then be considered by the station, taking into account the services offered, the applicant's example work and the costs associated with the delivery of service.

The successful applicant (or applicants) will then be invited to enter into a service contract with the station.

The submitted proposal will form the basis of the contract between the station and the service provider, subject to any specific negotiated terms agreed between both parties.

It is expected that the successful service provider will commence services to the station in early 2022.