Female Evening show presenter

This job posting expired and applications are no longer accepted.
The Bop IT Rift (the new name for Viewless)
July 25, 2023
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All job info is on this page. We're looking for a new female evening show presenter to join the bop it rift to present our evening show for either the Discord station or the electronic game stream. You'll initially be a co-host with our main presenter but as you progress you may have the oportunity to land your own show. The requirements are:

  • You will be expected to communicate with us effectively. We pride in having responsible and reliable talent. If you can't respond to messages and mandatory communications, don't apply for this job. We expect our talent to be responsible and reliable.
  • • You will be expected to attend at least one meeting per week to discuss your responsibiilities and to remind you of our expectations. We use these meetings to also let you know any future oportunities that may be available.
  • • You will be expected to meet deadlines. This includes last minute deadlines.
  • • You must join either the whatsapp group or the discord server in order to keep uptodate with what's expected of you. Links will be provided to the successful candidate.
  • Note: You will be entered into a trial contract if successful so that we can assess if you will be suitable for the job. The trial contract isn't paid and the trial lasts 30 days. If you pass the trial contract, you will be placed on the role.
  • Important: This job won't replace your full time job.
  • To apply, please email networkviewless@gmail.com with your CV and a 60 second demo of why ou want this role. Tell us your name and what interests you. You have to submit this before August 3rd, 2023 at 4 PM. After the closing date, we will call one of you back. Please provide a phone number. If you have questions, just ask.

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